Cryptocast |Intelligent cryptocurrency price forecaster | Alpha release

cryptocastMy new toy, the Cryptocast is ready! It’s still very fragile and clunky – but it forecasts the prices of cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap! More updates, bug fixes, migration to HTTPS and such to follow soon. Currently it only uses a mixture of conventional forecasting techniques by fitting a set of laws to the price time-series data and then creating a mixed recommendation based on these. It looks 2 months into the future. However, this will be updated to include more advanced machine learning and market-tracing techniques in the near future!

Have fun, HODL and let’s go 2 da MOON! CRYPTOCAST

Disclaimer: Crpytocast is free to use but it relies on coinmarketcap and anyorigin, bot of which have rate limits in place. I am planning to move it but please do not abuse meanwhile.

There is a hidden coin utility function in the app. Open console and see for yourself. The higher the better potential a coin has to grow compared to the current market conditions. Built with D3plus.

EDIT: The web server hosting the Cryptocast code has been under a DDoS attack, therefore it’s been taken offline until further notice.

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