Bucharest 1930s 📽 old footage restored using machine learning

This is a follow-up on my recent post on automatic restoration of old video footage using machine learning.

📽 Source videos

Fining source videos for Bucharest project proved to be more challenging than for Budapest, but eventually I settled on a footage from the 1930s, often considered the golden age of the city – a time when it was also dubbed little Paris (this period is also called perioada interbelică – the period between the wars in Romanian)

  1. Bucharest in the 1930s, a footage from the Romanian National Television Archives

🎉 The result

🎠 The process

The whole process is called deoldifying and it has several steps. Look at my other post where I describe the details. But remember, all of this is an automatic process, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. I personally have no idea about restoring videos, Ii just like to play around with code 🤓. This means that rather than looking at the physics of the videos, the algorithms look at a lot of examples of how a video should look like, and they they try to make small modifications to the source video so it looks like that.


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