Formula E ePrix around the world

I’ve fiddled a bit more with the F1 circuits’ geocenter map that I’ve created back in 2014, as one of my first D3.js projects. Earlier this year, it got another update to include WRC and MotoGP history as well. Now I’ve included Formula E. As the viewership numbers of F1 are sharply declining, I believeContinue reading “Formula E ePrix around the world”

Romania: where communism rumbles on in Europe

My country is experiencing another massive wave of protests. This is time it is the diaspora that came home to express their frustration with the current occupiers of our Parliament. It is the same diaspora that helped put our current president into office back in 2014, with high hopes. Yet the “thieves” (hoții in Romanian,Continue reading “Romania: where communism rumbles on in Europe”

Why are trains so expensive in the UK??

It doesn’t get into my head why train travel in the UK is just so expensive… Often it is cheaper to fly to Asia than to take the cho-cho 200 miles south. Maybe the low-cost airline market (a truly privatized industry with fierce competition) works the magic of the invisible hand better than the monopolizedContinue reading “Why are trains so expensive in the UK??”