SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics

Kedves barátaim! Mától indítottunk a közösen egy adatblog-ot. Megtaláljtátok a címen és a Transindex mai címoldalán: SZÉKELYDATA – Erdély, Székelyföld és a nagyvilág a Big Data korszakában. Az első poszt itt olvasható Székelyföld legnagyobb cégeiről. Hey all! This post has been moved to my brand new Hungarian language data-blog about Transylvania and SzékelylandContinue reading “SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics”

Converting binstar Linux packages to Windows for Anaconda and Python

If you are one of those (growing number of) weirdos who are using the Anaconda distribution of Python on Windows instead of Linux for data-science, you might find this post useful. It happened to me countless times that for some function I wanted to perform, I needed to install an extra Python library. The usual process involvesContinue reading “Converting binstar Linux packages to Windows for Anaconda and Python”

Ice Stupa Dynamics – Part 1

A good friend of mine has been pioneering an innovative solution to the water scarcity problem of the villages of the high deserts of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. The idea is to grow artificial glaciers – ice stupas, named after the Buddhist sanctuaries called stupas – to store the flow-away water during the winter-time for the spring,Continue reading “Ice Stupa Dynamics – Part 1”

Sankey Diagram Generator

Check out the Sankey Diagram Generator I have just made. It supports self loops, moving around nodes in both horizontal and vertical directions and loading and saving diagrams! You can also change the opacity and the density of the links. Use the Load/Save button to edit/create complex Sankey’s. The source code for the Sankey displayedContinue reading “Sankey Diagram Generator”


Blog action day 2014. #BAD2014 – a matching hashtag for this marvelous movement. This year’s theme was inequality. I chose to portray income inequality by making a chloropleth map of the world using data about the income share held by the highest 10%. The level of inequality in some countries is alarming with 10% of the populationContinue reading “Inequality”