Hi all, Dénes here! Today Try something new. Everyday. becomes Kontext. This is to reflect the broadening in scope of the blog to include complex systems analyses as well. I have recently reshaped my online portfolio into 6 distinct channels across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Thank you ❤️ for all of your support andContinue reading “Rebranding”

Romania: where communism rumbles on in Europe

My country is experiencing another massive wave of protests. This is time it is the diaspora that came home to express their frustration with the current occupiers of our Parliament. It is the same diaspora that helped put our current president into office back in 2014, with high hopes. Yet the “thieves” (hoții in Romanian,Continue reading “Romania: where communism rumbles on in Europe”

Try something new. Everyday. + SZÉKELYDATA: Data Blog Updates

SZÉKELYDATA – my data blog in Hungarian about Székelyland, Transylvania and their surroundings Recently I have published several posts on my Hungarian language data blog, SZÉKELYDATA. We have been experiencing some performance issues with the host, so please be patient and try again in a while if the page does not load at first. About aContinue reading “Try something new. Everyday. + SZÉKELYDATA: Data Blog Updates”