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September update:


Why are trains so expensive in the UK??


It doesn’t get into my head why train travel in the UK is just so expensive… Often it is cheaper to fly to Asia than to take the cho-cho 200 miles south.

Maybe the low-cost airline market (a truly privatized industry with fierce competition) works the magic of the invisible hand better than the monopolized Virgin-khm.. West Coast railway? (yeah, yeah I know, it’s not monopolized… of course it isn’t)

  • All searches conducted on Trainline/Kiwi today
  • Station/Airport transfers added
  • Always cheapest options considered
  • Graphic stitched together in PowerBI

SZÉKELYDATA dataviz competition

Over at my Hungarian blog (dubbed SZÉKELYDATA) I am launching Transylvania’s first data visualization competition – aimed at young people and fresh university students! You do need to understand quite a bit of Hungarian in order to grasp what’s going on, but hey, I thought it would be nice to let you know.


We have a selection committee that rocks and 1500 € worth of prizes! Check it out.

Motorsport’s Asian pull and release

A couple of years ago I wrote about the great shift in F1 towards including more and more Asian tracks – at the expense of the historical European tracks. Today I’m bringing you an update, to include alongside F1 both MotoGP and WRC – and a few new insights.


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