D3 liquid fill gauge for maps

I teach a data visualization course, and recently one of my students has come to me with the idea of “half-filling map areas”. I was like that’s a great idea, go find an example on the internet, I’m sure there is plenty. Well, as it turns out, there isn’t plenty, so I’ve decided to doContinue reading “D3 liquid fill gauge for maps”

Motorsport’s Asian pull and release

A couple of years ago I wrote about the great shift in F1 towards including more and more Asian tracks – at the expense of the historical European tracks. Today I’m bringing you an update, to include alongside F1 both MotoGP and WRC – and a few new insights.

Deadly Timeline | Global Causes of Death Visualization

Little fairies are still working on the blog post… Meanwhile check out the visualization here: http://blog.csaladen.es/health/en.html

The modern researcher’s toolbox

We all know that Moore’s law pushed technology a long way since ENIAC. The way we do the research changed unquestionably, but so did the way we write up our findings. I have the feeling that this latter part although, somewhat concentrates about the fact that library-roaming has been replaced with google-scholaring. Especially if you think about the last 15-20 years. The wayContinue reading “The modern researcher’s toolbox”

A visual exploratorium of refugee flows over the world using dynamic chord diagrams

Click here to look at the data visualization only. A localized Hungarian version of this post also exists. PREVIOUS: Refugee dynamics – what does the data say? This post is an update on the Refugee dynamics – what does the data say? post – a data visualization that I have developed for World Refugee Day 2015. Now IContinue reading “A visual exploratorium of refugee flows over the world using dynamic chord diagrams”