SZÉKELYDATA dataviz competition

Over at my Hungarian blog (dubbed SZÉKELYDATA) I am launching Transylvania’s first data visualization competition – aimed at young people and fresh university students! You do need to understand quite a bit of Hungarian in order to grasp what’s going on, but hey, I thought it would be nice to let you know. We have a Continue reading SZÉKELYDATA dataviz competition

Cryptocast |Intelligent cryptocurrency price forecaster | Alpha release

My new toy, the Cryptocast is ready! It’s still very fragile and clunky – but it forecasts the prices of cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap! More updates, bug fixes, migration to HTTPS and such to follow soon. Currently it only uses a mixture of conventional forecasting techniques by fitting a set of laws to the price Continue reading Cryptocast |Intelligent cryptocurrency price forecaster | Alpha release

Colorful Development: Cartagena DataFest 2015

This post has been prepared as part of a submission to the Cartagena DataFest 2015. Click here to look at the data visualization only on PREVIOUS: Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI PREVIOUS: Colorful Development: Dynamic Graphs Background This post is an update on the Colorful Development: Dynamic Graphs post – a data visualization that has evolved into a Continue reading Colorful Development: Cartagena DataFest 2015