Formula E ePrix around the world

I’ve fiddled a bit more with the F1 circuits’ geocenter map that I’ve created back in 2014, as one of my first D3.js projects. Earlier this year, it got another update to include WRC and MotoGP history as well. Now I’ve included Formula E. As the viewership numbers of F1 are sharply declining, I believeContinue reading “Formula E ePrix around the world”

Motorsport’s Asian pull and release

A couple of years ago I wrote about the great shift in F1 towards including more and more Asian tracks – at the expense of the historical European tracks. Today I’m bringing you an update, to include alongside F1 both MotoGP and WRC – and a few new insights.

The Geocenter of Formula 1 venues between 1950-2014

Click here if you prefer to read this post on (3 minute read). Click here to look at the data visualization only on Recently, there has been a doubt over the venue 2015 German Formula 1 Grand Prix, with rumors about it being completely cancelled. Operators of other historical European venues have recently voiced theirContinue reading “The Geocenter of Formula 1 venues between 1950-2014”