The modern researcher’s toolbox

We all know that Moore’s law pushed technology a long way since ENIAC. The way we do the research changed unquestionably, but so did the way we write up our findings. I have the feeling that this latter part although, somewhat concentrates about the fact that library-roaming has been replaced with google-scholaring. Especially if you think about the last 15-20 years. The wayContinue reading “The modern researcher’s toolbox”

How is a D3.js visualization made? – the road from CSV to SVG

People tell me that they would like to make a visualizations in D3.js. And it is too complicated. The learning curve is too steep. Even crafting C3.js or Vega simplified D3.js code seems too complicated. In this post, we will examine the road the data takes from the database or website until the drawing canvas –Continue reading “How is a D3.js visualization made? – the road from CSV to SVG”

Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI

UPDATE: This post has been developed into a web-app! This fresh post gives an introduction. UPDATE: Please also check out the new post updated with dynamic plots for 1980-2013! This post will be about the Human Development Index and the Red-Green-Blue color model (RGB). I present a novel approach towards visualizing the component inequality within the HDIContinue reading “Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI”

SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics

Kedves barátaim! Mától indítottunk a közösen egy adatblog-ot. Megtaláljtátok a címen és a Transindex mai címoldalán: SZÉKELYDATA – Erdély, Székelyföld és a nagyvilág a Big Data korszakában. Az első poszt itt olvasható Székelyföld legnagyobb cégeiről. Hey all! This post has been moved to my brand new Hungarian language data-blog about Transylvania and SzékelylandContinue reading “SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics”

Converting binstar Linux packages to Windows for Anaconda and Python

If you are one of those (growing number of) weirdos who are using the Anaconda distribution of Python on Windows instead of Linux for data-science, you might find this post useful. It happened to me countless times that for some function I wanted to perform, I needed to install an extra Python library. The usual process involvesContinue reading “Converting binstar Linux packages to Windows for Anaconda and Python”