D3 liquid fill gauge for maps

I teach a data visualization course, and recently one of my students has come to me with the idea of “half-filling map areas”. I was like that’s a great idea, go find an example on the internet, I’m sure there is plenty. Well, as it turns out, there isn’t plenty, so I’ve decided to doContinue reading “D3 liquid fill gauge for maps”

How is a D3.js visualization made? – the road from CSV to SVG

People tell me that they would like to make a visualizations in D3.js. And it is too complicated. The learning curve is too steep. Even crafting C3.js or Vega simplified D3.js code seems too complicated. In this post, we will examine the road the data takes from the database or website until the drawing canvas –Continue reading “How is a D3.js visualization made? – the road from CSV to SVG”

Colorful Development: Cartagena DataFest 2015

This post has been prepared as part of a submission to the Cartagena DataFest 2015. Click here to look at the data visualization only on visualizing.org. PREVIOUS: Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI PREVIOUS: Colorful Development: Dynamic Graphs Background This post is an update on the Colorful Development: Dynamic Graphs post – a data visualization that has evolved into aContinue reading “Colorful Development: Cartagena DataFest 2015”

SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics

Kedves barátaim! Mától indítottunk a Transindex.ro-val közösen egy adatblog-ot. Megtaláljtátok a http://csaladenes.egologo.ro címen és a Transindex mai címoldalán: SZÉKELYDATA – Erdély, Székelyföld és a nagyvilág a Big Data korszakában. Az első poszt itt olvasható http://csaladenes.egologo.ro/?p=332 Székelyföld legnagyobb cégeiről. Hey all! This post has been moved to my brand new Hungarian language data-blog about Transylvania and SzékelylandContinue reading “SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics”