SZÉKELYDATA dataviz competition

Over at my Hungarian blog (dubbed SZÉKELYDATA) I am launching Transylvania’s first data visualization competition – aimed at young people and fresh university students! You do need to understand quite a bit of Hungarian in order to grasp what’s going on, but hey, I thought it would be nice to let you know. We have aContinue reading “SZÉKELYDATA dataviz competition”

Try something new. Everyday. + SZÉKELYDATA: Data Blog Updates

SZÉKELYDATA – my data blog in Hungarian about Székelyland, Transylvania and their surroundings Recently I have published several posts on my Hungarian language data blog, SZÉKELYDATA. We have been experiencing some performance issues with the host, so please be patient and try again in a while if the page does not load at first. About aContinue reading “Try something new. Everyday. + SZÉKELYDATA: Data Blog Updates”

Székelyföld Lakossága Infografikák – Population of Székelyland Infographics

Head over to my Hungarian language datablog and check out my new post about the population of the of the Székelyland region of Transylvania – through rich content infographics and dynamic maps!

SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics

Kedves barátaim! Mától indítottunk a közösen egy adatblog-ot. Megtaláljtátok a címen és a Transindex mai címoldalán: SZÉKELYDATA – Erdély, Székelyföld és a nagyvilág a Big Data korszakában. Az első poszt itt olvasható Székelyföld legnagyobb cégeiről. Hey all! This post has been moved to my brand new Hungarian language data-blog about Transylvania and SzékelylandContinue reading “SZÉKELYDATA: Székelyföld Gazdasága Infografikák – Economy of Székelyland Infographics”