D3 liquid fill gauge for maps

I teach a data visualization course, and recently one of my students has come to me with the idea of “half-filling map areas”. I was like that’s a great idea, go find an example on the internet, I’m sure there is plenty. Well, as it turns out, there isn’t plenty, so I’ve decided to doContinue reading “D3 liquid fill gauge for maps”

The global center of mass of higher education: university rankings mapped

Click here if you prefer to read this post on Medium.com (2 minute read). Click here to look at the data visualization only on visualizing.org. It is often-touted that the world has been shifting towards Asia (On all fronts, even Formula 1 🙂 ). Indeed, innovation has clearly gotten a good foothold in the East and higherContinue reading “The global center of mass of higher education: university rankings mapped”

Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI

UPDATE: This post has been developed into a web-app! This fresh post gives an introduction. UPDATE: Please also check out the new post updated with dynamic plots for 1980-2013! This post will be about the Human Development Index and the Red-Green-Blue color model (RGB). I present a novel approach towards visualizing the component inequality within the HDIContinue reading “Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional HDI”